• See you soon in Wildewiese

    See you soon in Wildewiese

    An exceptionally warm and sunny November Sunday. Here in Wildewiese it is currently 16 degrees / perfect for a Wildewiese hike with a stop 🥾☀️☕️🍻🥂 We have many goodies all day and the beer garden is not dismantled 👌🏻 See […]

  • 🦇🎃Happy Halloween🎃🦇

    🦇🎃Happy Halloween🎃🦇

    Today our pumpkinheads explored Wildewiese !

  • ~Our forest breaks~

    ~Our forest breaks~

    After a leisurely covered wagon ride, a covered forest table awaits you in a forest clearing! Depending on your wish as a forest stew , forest snack or forest coffee table with cake from the tray 👌🏻. Today we had […]

  • Autumnlover


    12 degrees / dry / 🌤 Plan now your Wildewiese hike 🥾for tomorrow’s holiday We are looking forward to your stop or 📱 02395-754

  • Salty Bar

    Salty Bar

    A perfect hearty snack for in between 🥨

  • Wedding ceremony

    Wedding ceremony

    The wedding ceremony in the Alm Garden due to typical rainy sauerland weather. 

  • summer rain

    summer rain

    What does summer rain smell like? Sun is back now 😉⛅️ By the way, the smell of rain on dry earth is called petrichor.

  • frozen yoghurt

    frozen yoghurt

    Our froyo tastes also good even at only 18 degrees ⛅️ Bina just takes over the quality check 🥄 😋 Frozen yogurt on mango puree – always fits 👌🏻

  • 10 years part of the Wildewiese Team 🎉

    10 years part of the Wildewiese Team 🎉

    Vanessa Fischer – called Vane by all of us for cut it short . We  exchange memories of the last years; our experience together in 10 years – and I am sure “without a strong motivated team gastronomy is unimaginable […]

  • LOVE


    Where there is LOVE – there is life Mahatma Gandhi