• B A R

    B A R

    A special place for socializing & meeting. Often the center of gastronomy

  • Sauerland Wedding

    Sauerland Wedding

    A wedding celebration in the golden October A very special atmosphere

  • Here’s to a beautiful weekend 🍺

    Here’s to a beautiful weekend 🍺

    Just in time for Friday, the sun is shining and two more fantastic autumn 🍂 days 🌤👌🏻 will follow.

  • cozy lights

    cozy lights

    Autumn is the season In which the cozy light beckons inside

  • life is beautiful

    life is beautiful

    Have a nice weekend to all of you ☀️🥾 🚲 🌳🍺🍴☕️ We meet in Wildewiese 😎

  • Love Live Laugh

    Love Live Laugh

    Enjoy the moment 🤗 Have a wonderful Sunday to all of you 👌🏻

  • vesper outside

    vesper outside

    Forest vespers at the Waldeshöhe // covered wagon ride through the Sauerland mountains 🚜 Planwagen With snack stop 👍🏻 Here at the Waldeshöhe, too, completely new distant views arise 🌲🪵🌳😅

  • Steinbergs Risotto

    Steinbergs Risotto

    Steinberg’s risotto 😋👌🏻 with cherry tomato and arugula Optionally with tender melting Burrata or with a juicy sous vide cooked chicken breast fillet – so delicious 🤤 This is how “sloppy” a risotto has to be – Do you know […]

  • Good morning September

    Good morning September

    To all in the valley – up here the sun is already there😉 Finally a fantastic autumn morning

  • great thirst requires special measures

    great thirst requires special measures

    When the thirst is great – we work more on the nimble delivery 🍻. Our WeizenbierBiker are here 🚴🏽♂️🚴🤗