• LOVE


    Where there is LOVE – there is life Mahatma Gandhi

  • we celebrate love

    we celebrate love

  • Mango strawberry parfait on melon-mint salad 🥭 🍉 🍓

    Mango strawberry parfait on melon-mint salad 🥭 🍉 🍓

    Young chef Franziska with her latest dessert variation 😋 Delicious & fresh  Because you just can Franzi 👌🏻

  • to a great weekend

    to a great weekend

    Weekend, sunshine & Pülleken 🍻 That’s a great way to go 👌🏻 Beautiful days to all of you

  • Heavy rain at 2 pm — but sunshine at 4 pm 🙂 We are mega happy with the bride and groom Benedikt and Tanja, that it worked out with the wedding ceremony on the meadow – What a wonderful wedding […]

  • 3 year later

    3 year later

    We join to accompany Franziska and Nadine in their training for 3 years 👌🏻. Both remain with us 🤩 Young chef Franziska & hotel clerk Nadine. Congratulations 🍾 We look forward to the further time together 🤗

  • NaturHotel im Sauerland

    NaturHotel im Sauerland

    in the middle of the green 🍀 In the background very you the parent house with the restaurant since 1954 🤩

  • Wildewiese – hidden object picture.

    Wildewiese – hidden object picture.

    Wildewiese – Hospitality at the end of the world. Thanks 🙏🏻 to Klaus Pfauter from Holzwicke for the hidden object picture.

  • Welcome Wildewiese

    Welcome Wildewiese

    Welcome to sunny green Steinberg’s beer garden. The team looks forward to many guests 🤩 Inside & outside 😉

  • Vitamin wedding cake

    Vitamin wedding cake

    Cutting the wedding cake is a ritual at many wedding celebrations. Cake is too sweet for you? Here’s a vitamin-rich bread cake with sweet potato cream, beet hummus, cucumber, cream cheese and more.