• easter 2021

    easter 2021

    Easter 2021 You even have to look for the sun 🌥

  • chili cheese fries

    chili cheese fries

    Get your daily vitamins Chillies are real vitamin bombs. Our trainee team is in the middle of the preparations for our Steinbergs to go offer for the Easter days. Daily until Easter Monday from 12 noon to 6 p.m. at […]

  • German hotel beds are still empty and our guests book to go to Mallorca. The endless lockdown for gastronomy is not a solution Safe and responsible travel within Germany must be possible again, because we can do hygiene ✅ Tourism: […]

  • thoughtful moment

    thoughtful moment

    ..... thoughtful moment from Franz Josef Steinberg What do the current Corona resolutions mean for our hotel and restaurant? Wildewiese offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor dining. Of course, we think carefully about what makes sense for both - guests […]

  • Steinbergs to go

    Steinbergs to go

    delicious apple crumble cake or creamy - crispy cheesecake It´s your choice 🤷‍♀️😉😋 Both to go today at our Steinbergs reception 🤗 A fresh and sunny Sunday to all of you ☀️

  • at the end of the road Wildewiesetime

    at the end of the road Wildewiesetime

    where the road simply ends

  • Sunset wildewiese

    Sunset wildewiese

    ....... a wonderful winterweather with -5 degrees and 9 hours of cloudless sunshine. A winter weekend like out of a picture book. The rush around the turn of the year is no longer noticeable - the slopes are almost deserted. […]

  • Mpemba Effekt – Wildewiese

    Mpemba Effekt – Wildewiese

    Have you ever heard of the Mpemba effect? 🧐 This morning we did a morning hike and we tried it out! What a great natural phenomenon. Just have a lot of time and try to enjoy nature for a long […]

  • SunDay


    wonderful sunny sunday – Enjoy 

  • Winter love

    Winter love

    Our reception team used the time outside today to take a cute winter picture Thank you Kristin Grote & Yvonne Brögger Remain attentive to the finer things in life