• Confidence looks ahead! 🍀

    Confidence looks ahead! 🍀

    Sorrow looks back Worry looks around Confidence looks ahead! 🍀 Together with all Wildewiese friends, we look forward to a new year with full confidence and to an early return to just some normality and security. With this in mind, […]

  • Hoarfrost hike Wildewiese ❄️👌🏻

    Hoarfrost hike Wildewiese ❄️👌🏻

    Take a close look & you will find a lot of special moments 🤗 Who of you doesn't let the weather keep you from doing your daily outdoor lap?

  • steinbergs little hospitality

    steinbergs little hospitality

    Steinberg's hospitality for everyone who is currently traveling on business. Today in a snowy wild meadow ❄️ We remain positive and wait until we can really get started again for all of you We are all waiting together 👌🏻

  • Goose to go

    Goose to go

    Here is a crispy “Goose to go” for tonight 👩🏼‍🍳👌🏻😋 Simply order 2 days in advance - Set the table at home - bring some pots and € 105 😉 Whole goose for 4 people / red cabbage / potato […]

  • Gastro lockdown day 10 😔 Our service mouth-nose-masks are ready for use. Will there be an open restaurant again from December?

  • Lockdown day 8

    Lockdown day 8

    A look into one of our empty Comfort plus rooms. Lovingly & close to nature furnished and now without guests We keep our hospitality ready for business overnight stays 💪🏻 The whole team is hoping for a full house soon […]

  • Gastro lockdown day 3

    Gastro lockdown day 3

    Gastro lockdown day 3. Gees to go! From November 6th there will be goose and more to enjoy at home. Have nice hours at home with delicious food. Order at or Monday-Friday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at […]

  • Lockdown Day 1

    Lockdown Day 1

    All private overnight stays are due to leave this morning, our restaurant & the Alm are closed. The parking lot is empty and the Steinbergs team is on short-time work We hope to see you all again soon! 💚

  • Our only guest evening in November

    Our only guest evening in November

    We will miss our guests sooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Starting next Monday we will all have to do many things in everyday life different again! Masks were worn, hygiene concepts worked out, events canceled, rooms regularly ventilated, constantly disinfected, distances and upper limits observed, contacts and chains of infection […]