Knight’s meal in the Steinbergs Alm



Steinberg’s Knight’s meal:
Big and small knuckles of hock, chicken rolls, spare ribs, cutlet strips of baked vegetables, onion rings, mozarella sticks and stuffed chillies, served with sauerkraut, potato dumplings, potato wedges with herb quark, mango salsa and spicy sauce.
– 20,00 Euro

Steinbergs Schnitzelfeast
Pork schnitzel, fresh champignons in cream, zingara sauce, potato crusts, french fries, mayo & ketchup
– 16,00 Euro

Steinbergs Schnitzelfeast plus
Pork schnitzel & chicken schnitzel, fresh champignons in cream, zingara sauce, refined mango sauce, potato crust, roasted potatoes, mayo & ketchup. In addition, bowls of lettuce with yoghurt cream dressing.
– 20,00 Euro

Drink flat rate (additionally bookable to the food, only as a complete group possible)
Vresh Veltins, Grevensteiner Landbier & Maisel’s draught Weizen , SteinbergsAlm Wine from Burgenland, all soft and coffee specialties (no spirits).
– 18.00 – 24.00 o’clock – 40,00 Euro p. P.
– 19.00 – 24.00 o’clock- 35,00 Euro p. P.

Our game rules in the SteinbergsAlm
For at least 6 people and only by appointment. When booking please specify the number of people. 3 days before the event  please indicate the final number of participants. Unregistered guests will be charged.

You can combine your AlmAbend perfectly with a wagon ride or a hike. The cosy Alm evening also lends itself as a conclusion of a long day trip or for a celebration in a rusticial setting.

Table regulations and drinking habits
The custom is not to use any tools, but rather only use fingers. You should let it be heard when food and drink are delicious. The beer is served from stone tankards. The traditional toast is: “To the health!”

He is always reciprocated. If the jug is empty, it will immediatly be filled up by us! On the house we serve you the “after the meal”  – a bittersweet digestive. What the host recommends you: fresh spring beer from Grevenstein for thirsty throats.