Our team looks forward to your visit.


Kristin Grote – reception manager

Kristin ensures that all departments work together. From kitchen to service to housekeeping, she always keeps track of what is going on.


    Yvonne Brögger – Management Assistent

Both at the front desk and behind the scenes, Yvonne is always up to date and can help. 





Fritz  Schröder – AlmChef 

Friz is not only a fantastic cook, but also great at organisation. Wether in the Alm or in the Restaurant, he always makes sure everything runs smoothly in the kitchen!


Carmen Teasdale – Service manager 

The Power woman of the service team. No matter what problem comes up, Carmen probably knows hot to fix it (unless it is about technology) an is always in a good mood, 



Julia Bierhoff – House keeping manager

Even behind the sceens, there is more going on then you think. Julia is always involved and ensures that everything is going right.





Marc Schwartpaul – Janitor

Marc, our conqueror of damages, or just janitor. He is always there when something needs fixing. Wether in the house or in the garden, he can help right away.


We are happy to be your hosts!