One of the most beautiful stalactite caves in Germany
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Schombergturm view
The visible from afar steel lattice mast is located just south of the highest
Elevation of the 648 m high Schomberg in the ski resort Wildewiese between Sundern and
Finnentrop-Rönkhausen. In September of 2006, the 65 m
high Vodafon directional tower with its observation deck
solemnly inaugurated at an altitude of 30 m. The 167 steps are good to climb and the
Ascent allows a breathtaking view over the northern Ruhr area and
Lippe-Land to the 85 km distant Münster, the Teutoburg Forest and the 90 km
remote radio tower near Bielefeld. In very good visibility is in southern direction next to the above
80 km distant Siebengebirge even the 118 km distant Hohe Acht at the Nürburgring in the Eifel
see. Attention! The Wildewieser air is even fresher up here!

AquaMagis Plettenberg
Böddinghauser Feld 1 · 58840 Plettenberg
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Vogelbruch 30 · 59759 Arnsberg
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The nearest train station is in Finnentrop. Information about timetables or a bus /
Delivery service is available at the reception.

Golfing at the house Amecke
Haus Amecke
59846 Sundern
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Pumpspeicherwerk Glinge
The power plant operated today by the Mark-E was completed in 1969 and has an output of 140 MW. The lower basin forms the Glingebachtalsperre in the valley of the Glinge,
which holds about 1.3 million m³ of water. The artificially created upper basin has
a usable volume of more than one million m³ and is more than 270 m higher on the Dahlberg (570 m above sea level).
Through the approximately 900-meter-long pressure tunnel, the water is pumped up to the upper reservoir and lowered again over two Francis turbines. A large part of the power plants is underground. A popular excursion destination for hikers is the always accessible circular route on the dam crest of the upper basin on the Dahlberg. From there, there are wide views of the Sauerland.

Our local mountain is 648 m above sea level and is after the Homert the second highest mountain in the Lennegebirge and in the natural park Homert. With a magnificent view over the land of a thousand mountains.

Ski area
You are in the middle of the panorama area Wildewiese
Five lifts and several runs of 100 to 1,200 m in length, several cross-country ski trails
as well as floodlight slope

Ski rental
Open daily on snowy conditions Ski Baggeroer
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Ski- und  sedges rental Becker
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One of the most beautiful artificial lakes of the Sauerland, 8 km long, water surface approx. 330 ha, congestion 71 Mil. m³. The lake offers water sports such as sailing, rowing, swimming, surfing; In addition, hiking trails, park-like recreation facilities, Airlebniswanderweg the reservoir, passenger shipping. The Sorpe spring is just 100 meters from the hotel. A great hiking trail X 24 leads
from us to the dam, 18 km. By car it is 15 minutes to the pre-basin. The dam wall
can be visited by groups by appointment.

A piece of our Wildewiese/ wild meadow to take away ~ directly opposite the reception.

The ideal ambience for a sociable time. From Alm Brunch, Alm Vesper to Steinbergs
knights meal. Ideal for: Family celebrations, company anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings & Christmas parties.