Planwagen (“covered wagon”)

Round trips from Wildewiese or Wildewieser Bergtransporte (Transport to Wildewiese)
Gorgeous trips through the Sauerland mountains
Alternative to a hike
Family outing
Break between brunch and snacks
Beginning of the day before a knight’s meal and Almgaudi

Tractor pulled wagon rides
up to 25 people in a wind- and weather-protected car
110 euros per hour
Round trips & destination rides possible
TÜV-tested driver & car

Season info
Rides all year round, but in case of snowy conditions or freezing
ground the ride does not take place
Warm blankets are provided in the colder seasons

Veltins Pils, Radler          0,33 l     2,00 €
Fassbrause                          0,33 l     1,80 €
Cola, Sprite                         0,33 l     1,80 €
Spirits                                     2 cl         1,80 €
Pot of coffee                      0,75 l     10,00 €
Kanne Glühwein             0,75 l     15,00 €

~ Our forest breaks
The wagon turns around a bend and up ahead
a beautiful clearing awaits you
with a preapared forest snack!

We prepare for you in the forest (depending on the weather)
Forest stew, forest vespers or
Forest coffee blackboard with cake from the plate
from 8 persons 13,00 Euro per person
from 15 persons je 11,00 Euro per person
from 30 persons je 9,00 Euro per person

The bringing of food & drinks is not welcome!