Steinbergs Alm

Steinbergs Wildewiese
Sauerland – authentic and rustic
Knights meal, company meetings, weddings or just because, up here pretty much everything is possible – always friendly-fresh with a splash of cheerful-cheekiness.

Whether easygoing at the knight’s meal, natural stylish wedding celebrations or learning-experience at special meetings “for all the senses”: up here on Steinberg’s Alm pretty much everything is possible – but always fresh-friendly with a splash of cheerful-cheekiness!

Opening hours:

Fridays from 18 o’clock
Saturdays from 16 o’clock
Sundays and holidays from 9:30 to 20:00 o’clock

(Appointments outside opening hours by appointment – from 25 persons)

Since we also offer larger celebrations (family celebrations, company anniversaries, birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties), it happens that the Alm is completely reserved as a private party. Enclosed you will find an overview:

Here is the overview for the year 2020 >>

On all days with no private parties you can just stop by spontaneously 😉

Unfortunately, we can only offer these informations without guarantee, because things are constantly changing. We keep the table as up to date as possible.


New Years in our Steinbergs Alm

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