About us

Steinbergs  Wildewiese

Hospitality at the end of the world

we and our team enjoy living and working high up here in Wildewiese.

We love what we are doing and to make the time our guests spend in Wildewiese a very special one.

Situated at the “roof of the Sauerland” where the road ends our location is quite unique.

 Our World at the end of te world:

Steinbergs NaturHotel

green – straightforward style

taking the green way our 4 star standard hotel offers the ideal surroundings for holiday makers, businessmen and everyone who wants to have a good time.

Feeling comfortable at the end of the world.  

Steinbergs Restaurant
the top tastes best

in a friendly relaxed atmosphere we combine homestyle cooking with regional surprises at the foot of Schomberg mountain.

Steinbergs Alm
Sauerland – up close and rustic

“Ritteressen” alias Knight’s meal;  a rustic meal using your fingers instead of knives and forks ,a stylish wedding or a conference, workshop or company meeting – everything is possible always friendly, fresh and in our very own way.