History – Wildewiese goes the green path

Steinbergs Geschichte 1The Sauerland mountain village Wildewiese lies alone in the countryside in NRW in Sauerland. As early as summer1954, Steinberg’s Franz began catering to guests in addition to farming.

Wildewiese is still without any regional awareness and even without a ski area – Steinberg’s Wildewiese a quaint little inn ~ a tourist spot for cyclists and walkers.

Gastronomy has grown, we have built almost every year in recent years – upgrade, grown or rebuilt. The team is growing ~ Again and again young motivated talents find their way to us … we also like to care for young people and train every year. Agriculture has become smaller; has in recent years focused on the great love of the senior manager – Haflinger & Kaltblüter – but we have remained passionate about nature. Our well-known regional cuisine is interpreted in a modern way and known far and wide.

Steinbergs Geschichte 1Since 2012, our NaturHotel Wildewiese completes the offer, which was extended at the end of 2016 by a reception and 6 ComfortPlus rooms. We have always kept an eye on the green path. It is important to us to be sustainable, to be a mature team and to keep our house responsibly.

What the  green way means for us:

  • Low energy efficiency hotel 
  • Heating with wood
  • Homemade cakes and pies
  • Regional suppliers
  • Seasonal & regional menu
  • Meaningful use of detergents / washing powder
  • Training of great specialists from the region – for the region
  • We provide a down-to-earth, natural approach to humans, animals and nature

And we are proud about that!
Steinbergs Wildewiese on the green path!

We are the Steinbergs – from left to right Marion, Robin, Franz, Ursel & Franz- Josef Steinberg
Three generations – one direction!