Wild times 23.10 – 19.12

Late October to late year
A la carte
Boar schnitzel in a hazelnut crust, refined sauce
with Blaufränkisch refined with Nussle salad 18.90 euros
Wild meeting 2 different game medallions
(which runs into the hunter’s gun) on Burgundy sauce
with cranberry spice pear and potato crust 24.90 euros
Game with cherry Game roast from the leg on a strong cherry and pepper sauce with potato dumplings and red cabbage 19.90 euros
Wild boar ragout “Schlubber-Bruch”
According to an old recipe from Förster Vetter with chocolate and
Flavored currants, with red cabbage and potato dumplings –16.90 euros

Plan a special game evening:
Wild trio (4 or more people by appointment)
Venison, venison steak and venison goulash
Wild boar and deer. Served with apple red cabbage
Potato dumplings, applesauce, cranberries and
Potato crust – 24.90 euros per person