If the German asparagus is on time: 24th April to 24th June

Tasty starter a la carte
Asparagus cream soup
with ham strips– 5,90 Euro

Portion of ´classic asparagus spears  
With melted butter or hollandaise sauce
to new potatoes – 13,90 Euro
with optional:
Homemade bone ham – 20,90 Euro
Pork steak (200g) – 22,90 Euro
Fresh smoked salmon – 22,90 Euro
Rumpsteak (220 g) – 29,90 Euro
Fit for spring with our Spring plate
Large garden salad in walnut lime vinaigrette
with fresh asparagus spears and
roasted walnuts – 14,90 Euro
Chicken breast fillet – 21,80 Euro
Strip of rumpsteak (180 g) – 27,80 Euro
Roasted asparagus
our popular asparagus specialty
with arugula, pork tenderloin, tomatoes, new
Potatoes and a nut wholemeal hollandaise 22,90 Euro
Asparagus toast – just delicious
baked with cooked ham and cheese,
served on toast – 13,90 Euro
Schnitzel princess
Schnitzel, asparagus, hollandaise sauce, with
gratinated cheese, with potato crumbs 18.90 euros
Asparagus – Veggie – Stir fry
stewed with zucchini and peppers,
with parmesan planes
baked and served in a pan 16,90 Euro
with chicken breast fillet – 22,90 Euro

Large asparagus buffet

Our special asparagus evenings in the Alm
Thursday, April 30th
Wednesday, May 2nd
Wednesday, May 16
Wednesday, May 23rd
Tuesday, June 19th

Special evening from the buffet
Creamy asparagus soup with strips of ham
asparagus rolls
spring fresh salads like asparagus cocktail
Florida & Roma
Portion of asparagus spears classic
with melted butter or hollandaise sauce,
Malta sauce (hollandaise with blood orange),
Whole Wheat Hollandaise
homemade bone ham & cooked ham
Fritz ‘smoked salmon & graved salmon
Asparagus milanaise
gratinated with ham and parmesan
Polish asparagus (with breadcrumbs and egg)
Asparagus pasta in tarragon – mango hollandaise
Chicken Breast Fillet Redfish Fillet Schnitzel
New potatoes
Delicious dessert
27.90 euros per person