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  • Mpemba Effekt – Wildewiese

    Mpemba Effekt – Wildewiese

    Have you ever heard of the Mpemba effect? 🧐 This morning we did a morning hike and we tried it out! What a great natural phenomenon. Just have a lot of time and try to enjoy nature for a long […]

  • Hoarfrost hike Wildewiese ❄️👌🏻

    Hoarfrost hike Wildewiese ❄️👌🏻

    Take a close look & you will find a lot of special moments 🤗 Who of you doesn't let the weather keep you from doing your daily outdoor lap?

  • new cozy corners

    new cozy corners

    bright and cozy 🌦🍂🤗 Just in time for the cold season, we have redesigned our hotel lobby and created cozy corners for our hotel and restaurant guests 🤗 We are happy to ensure beautiful wildewiese hours