Salad Buffet

Every Day at 6 PM,
~ fresh, healthy and tasty ~
many different types of salad
Various kinds of lettuce, tomato plates
Potato salad, coleslaw cucumber salad, Cous-
Cous Salad, Spelt salad, red beet, carrots,
bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, corn, Kidneybeans,
joghurt dressing, cocktail dressing, mango
dressing, sour cherry balsamic, vinegar-oil,
croutons, sprouts, parsley, chives, bacon, onions and everything the Sauerländer Garden has to offer… as much as you want 12,00 Euro per person

Additionally we offer:
Baked potato herb sauce 3,50 Euro,
Gratinated Goat cheese 4,50 Euro,
Roasted Nuts 2,00 Euro,
Juicy Pork Steak 200g 8 Euro,
Chicken Breast fillet 120g 5 Euro,
Rumpsteak with herb butter 230g 18 Euro,